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Ingrid Meyvaert (°1956)

Glass artist

Ingrid Meyvaert studied Visual Arts at the Higher Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent. In 1978, she married Luc Mestdagh and dedicated herself to stained glass art. This was the start of a perfect match between talented creativity and skilled craftsmanship. Between 1979 and 1995, she combined her stained glass art with a position as art teacher at the St Lucas Institute. Due to the large number of projects and exhibitions at home and abroad, she has since been able to devote herself full time to art.

Mestdagh Glas lood vakmanschap ambacht stained glass
Mestdagh Glas lood vakmanschap ambacht stained glass

Painting with light

The intense collaboration with Atelier Mestdagh gives her the opportunity to give free rein to her work and install her creations in the most varied places. She is at home in both the religious-figurative work and in abstract and profane art. And although she also creates autonomous art works, she believes that stained glass windows perform best in an architectural context. In all her glass creations, Ingrid strives to achieve modernity, but always with respect for the rich artisanal tradition, which she learned from Atelier Mestdagh. But it is still the combination of sun, light, glow and dream, captured in lead panels which inspire her to devise innovative creations. It is the light and the colours which drive her, and which constantly pose creative challenges.

Impressive record

Ingrid Meyvaert’s biggest projects include:

  • The windows in the St. Antonius chapel in Heist.
  • The Dominican chapel in Bruges.
  • The St. Jan’s Chapel of the Brothers of Love in Zelzate.
  • The skylight in the Library in Zele.
  • And numerous other works in public buildings and private homes at home and abroad.

Ingrid has exhibited her work on several occasions all over the world. From Japan (in 1996 and 2004) to nearer home in Ghent.


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