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Stained glass is often regarded as ‘old fashioned’ or ‘stuffy’, but nothing could be further from the truth! Atelier Mestdagh can also design a totally new stained glass window. Will you choose a (more budget-friendly) standard design or historic pattern? Or do you want a totally unique design which responds to all your wishes? You decide.

Ingrid Meyvaert has been our house designer since the 1980s and has numerous projects to her name. For specific assignments, we can also call on several young designers, like interior designer Mieke Mestdagh or glass artist Laura Ten Zeldam.

‘The true perfection of a painted window is to be serene, intense, brilliant, like flaming jewellery, full of easily legible and quaint subjects, and exquisitely subtle, yet simple in its harmonies.’
– John Ruskin

Ingrid Meyvaert, glass artist with an impressive record

Ingrid’s many creations can be found in churches, public buildings, businesses and private houses at home and abroad. For the studio, she designs free work or unique projects on commission, based on the client’s artistic wishes and budget and the architectural style. In her own artistic language, Ingrid translates every client’s wishes into a unique stained glass window. Historic art, decorative art, lyrical-abstract art, modern abstract or traditional figurative: anything is possible.

Laura Ten Zeldam, glass artist

Laura has been seriously bitten by the stained glass bug. She is a fantastic craftswoman and a gifted designer. Her passion for the ancient craft of glazing and her feel for modern design have already produced several very interesting assignments. She seeks the boundaries of the craft by renewing it from inside out.

Mieke Mestdagh, interior designer

For specific modern interior projects, we can call on the design talent of interior designer Mieke Mestdagh. She sees stained glass in a much stronger, purer form. She takes the glass as the basis and combines it with other materials like wood and steel. She makes pure art, which still doesn’t steal the limelight.

Production in Atelier Mestdagh

We have everything in house. And that’s no boast. With passion, craftsmanship and above all our driven and experienced team members, we produce everything in our own studio. Big or small projects, they all deserve the same amount of attention and teamwork. We usually use the traditional stained glass technique (with lead H-profiles in which the glass is inserted), but we also use the glass-in-copper and familiar tiffany technique.

Unique glass for unique projects

At Atelier Mestdagh, we have over 650 colours of mouth-blown glass in stock. Craftsmanship is not just about technique, but also about far-reaching knowledge of materials. For that reason, we are therefore all crazy about unique types of glass like mouth-blown antique glass or opaline and beautifully textured types of glass. Their rich colours, vibrant roughness and imperfect textures give the artwork a unique vibrancy that no other material can! The light that brings the glass to life ensures that every view is unique and different.

Stained glass art

Glass art still has a prominent place in our studio, even though stained glass is less popular today than abstract and more modern alternatives with pure glass. The craftsmanship and professional know-how of traditional stained glass art have remained intact in our studio for over 70 years. Since 2019, thanks to a subsidy from the Flemish government with an ‘Apprenticeship Scheme’, it has been transferred from father (Luc Mestdagh) to daughter (Katrien), so that the future of the profession is assured.

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