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At Atelier Mestdagh, we are convinced of the historic and aesthetic importance of preserving old windows, old glass and stained glass windows. Unfortunately, old glass windows do not fit with our modern ideas and legislation concerning thermal insulation. But nothing could be further from the truth. Based on sustainability and cost-saving considerations, the insulation of old glass is often vital. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to lose your stained glass windows. Together with you, we explore the best solution for your windows. There are no standard solutions, but we offer tailored advice to enhance your building and windows.

Insulation of stained glass windows in private homes

Stained glass windows can be insulated in various ways. Usually, stained glass is placed within double glazing or double glazing is placed on the inside. For both techniques, we need to check whether the original joinery can be preserved, needs adapting or whether a new frame is required. Good and timely consultation with the joiner is therefore important! Preserving stained glass on the outside is more complex, and a solution is only possible in a few cases.

Stained glass as screen

This is by the most attractive and cheapest solution. From inside, the effect of the stained glass remains identical to the original. A minimal adjustment and/or restoration of the window is then sufficient. If necessary, the stained glass can be placed in a separate frame.

Stained glass between double glazing

The stained glass panel can also be placed inside double glazing. This means that your window is ‘protected’ on both sides, making maintenance much easier. However, you do have a hard reflection along both sides, higher installation costs and you lose the guarantee on the double glazing.

Protective glazing for historic buildings

For churches and public buildings, insulation of monumental stained glass is often much more complex and requires a preliminary study of the windows to determine how we can better protect the windows and provide thermal insulation or noise insulation. We can advise you on this too.

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