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Stained glass art has been in our DNA for over 70 years.

For over 70 years, everything at Atelier Mestdagh has been about stained glass. Founder Albert Mestdagh studied with Hendrik Coppejans, one of the great Ghent-based Neogothic glaziers. This makes Atelier Mestdagh the only studio with Neogothic roots. Three generations later, the Mestdagh family keeps the craft alive. We ensure that know-how and skills are retained and translated to modern applications. A story of the past, present and future.

‘Glass, colour and light, that’s all you need to create magic.’

Discover the incredible beauty of modern stained glass art.

At Atelier Mestdagh, the stained glass tradition is very much alive. And all thanks to traditional artisan know-how and innovative techniques. An old skill, new style. A unique eye-catcher in a contemporary setting.


At Atelier Mestdagh, you can always rely on high-quality craftsmanship and good service. We are open to collaboration and support creativity. We want to take responsibility for the future and the past. As such, we take a contemporary approach to preserving our history heritage, and we design modern stained glass with respect for traditional craftsmanship. You are always welcome for both large and small projects.

Eigen creaties herbestemming glas in lood Atelier Mestdagh stained glass

Own creations

External designers

Modern interiors


Eigen creaties herbestemming glas in lood Atelier Mestdagh stained glass



Eigen creaties glas in lood Atelier Mestdagh stained glass


Eigen creaties events glas in lood Atelier Mestdagh stained glass


A traditional element, a brand-new life

In the studio, we all do our utmost to reintroduce architects, interior designers and fans to the beauty and power of stained glass.

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 Artisan label by the FOD for high-quality craftsmanship

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 ‘Handmade in Belgium’ label, developed by Unizo.


‘Ateliers Gabriel’ label, recognised Belgian studio in excellence

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 ‘Pearls of craftmanship’ label, as proof of skill and knowledge.

The best craftsmen and women in Europe, selected by the Michelangelo Foundation.

An award by Flanders Heritage Agency for years of high-quality work in the heritage sector.

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