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In the glory days of art deco, art nouveau and interbellum styles, and in the creations of Frank Lloyd Wright or Mackintosh, stained-glass windows always stole the show. And we are totally ready for a revival of these wonderfully colourful designs. So … who knows!

Glass as eye-catcher

Glass brings colour, atmosphere and warmth to the space. It provides a unique accent and adds immense value when installed in the right place and properly integrated in an interior. Beautiful mouth-blown glass and textured glass types can sparkle in both modern and historic settings. This might involve developing new, unique stained-glass windows, or preserving and restoring authentic historic stained glass in new architecture … But sometimes, a gorgeous piece of glass in a door or against a wall is enough.

‘Our dream? To make artistic (stained) glass top of mind again for designers!’

A traditional element, a brand-new life

Glass must become top of mind again for modern designers! As a studio, we want to inspire architects, interior designers and fans, so that they are willing to use special, characterful and unique glass again as an architectural element. We offer them technical support and solutions to enable them to integrate stained-glass windows in original ways where possible: in doors, walls, recesses, windows, the ceiling … LED lighting offers solutions where daylight is not possible. And even with respect to insulation, there are many new possibilities today.

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