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Atelier Mestdagh is always ready to help artists and architects from home and abroad develop stained glass projects. Our team can be involved from the design phase, or used later during the implementation. In doing so, we consider all the aspects of stained glass art to create the desired design as precisely as possible. Meanwhile, we have worked with many inspiring designers, such as:


Belgian top design meets stained glass

The Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer designed a standard lamp in stained glass, which we implemented with him for the Doppia Firma event, during Milan Design Week 2019, organised by the Michelangelo Foundation and the Fondazione Cologni. The lamp received great reviews in various trade journals and might be an important step for the use of flat mouth-blown glass and stained glass in contemporary design.


Modern monumental church windows in Westkapelle

In 2013, most of the St. Nicholas Church in Westkapelle burnt down. The design for the reconstruction involved glazing most of the gothic windows with mouth-blown stained glass. Architect Thibault Florin from Bureau Bressers designed the windows himself. In December 2019, the reconstructed church was consecrated. This series of beautifully simple stained glass windows uses more than 185 m2 stained glass: a unique achievement in Belgium, which will hopefully inspire many architects.


World class stained glass art

The collaboration between this contemporary artist and Atelier Mestdagh goes back to the 1990s and has produced some amazing artwork. The first project involved three football goals made of stained glass panels. This was followed by the famous stained glass windows based on X-rays, a series of which can be seen in the MUDAM (Luxembourg). These windows were produced with a screen-printing process using our grisailles/glass paints. In 2012, we developed a window with twisted Christ figures, for his solo exhibition in the Louvre in Paris.


A chapel in stained glass

To mark the glass art exhibition Diafraan V in the St. Elisabeth House in Sint-Amandsberg, in 2011 a tiny chapel was developed in stained glass, based on the design of architect Geert De Groote. The structure consists of steel tubes on which stained glass panels are attached. The entire structure is easy to disassemble/move. The line pattern refers to the arches of gothic cathedrals. The chapel is intended to be installed in a public area and be accessible for everyone.


An experiment with glass

For his exhibition in the gallery of Valérie Traan in 2019, the Ghent-based photographer and artist Filip Dujardin created several glass artworks. This was an experiment, for both the artist and Atelier Mestdagh. But the results are amazing! Randomly broken glass was put back together to create an artwork and thus a second life. For us as a studio, this also involved extending our boundaries.


Stained glass in furniture design? Yes!

The interior designers and architects of Atelier Jack designed a piece of furniture which incorporates stained glass. The writing desk was introduced to the public in September 2019. This is the start of an exploration into the ways in which stained glass can be used in modern architecture and furniture designs.


Popular neo style

In 2007, we worked with architect Stéphane Boens for a Victorian-style villa in Hamburg. The architect produced rough sketches for the design. Ingrid Meyvaert developed the designs, determined the colours and provided glass samples. Atelier Mestdagh was also responsible for the implementation and installation. The project concerns a skylight, the windows in the library, stairwell, staircase, kitchen and front facade. Most of the windows were created in mouth-blown opaline glass.


Modern stained glass for St. Nicholas church in Ghent

In 2006-2007, we worked together with Philippe Depotter from Bureau Bressers for five windows in the northern side aisle of the St. Nicholas church in Ghent. During the design phase, Atelier Mestdagh offered technical support without interfering artistically. The studio installed the five windows on the north side.

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